Joanna Surma Law Office provides a wide range of legal assistance in civil law to both individuals and legal persons in all matters relating to the business activity, as well as in matters of private life.

Civil law is the basic branch of law covering the set of legal norms governing the relations between autonomous entities. Almost every day every one of us becomes a party to a particular legal relationship. Sometimes the decision to conduct a transaction or to conclude a specific contract could become a source of problems or lead to a dispute, which might be settled by court. It is extremely important to be able to accurately determine the potential impact of a decision as well as the risks and dangers that may arise from such a decision before such a decision is taken. Therefore, it is crucial to use the help of professionals who will help you choose the right way of proceeding, provide you with advice regarding the content of the contract, or assess risks associated with a particular legal relationship.

Joanna Surma Law Office provides a wide range of legal services in relation to civil law, in particular:

  • preparation, review and amendments of draft contracts
  • preparation of legal opinions on all matters relating to civil law
  • legal audits/due diligence

which allow you to see the risks associated with the conclusion of a contract, or to minimize the risks arising from an agreement.

In case the legal dispute has to be settled by court, Law Office will represent you during the proceedings before the common courts of all instances in Poznan and across the country.