Joanna Surma Law Office assists its clients in all matters relating to the debt collection and recovery of debts both from operators and from individuals. We offer our services to entrepreneurs and individuals not performing business activities, residing in Poznan as well as throughout the country. Debt collection carried out by the Law Office relies on comprehensive efforts to recover debts in the shortest possible time with means appropriate to a particular case.

Initially, debt recovery is carried out as amicable debt collection and it is based primarily on the use of traditional mail correspondence and e-mail as well as phone calls. The pre-trial activities carried out by the Law Office (written request for payment subject to vindication in court) very often lead to successful recovery of debts.

In case the amicable recovery of debts does not bring the desired effects, it is necessary to initiate judicial recovery procedure. Joanna Surma Law Office actively supports its clients in all activities related to the preparation of the documentation necessary for the proper conduct of court proceedings, and represents them in the course of the proceedings until the final completion of the proceeding and then in the course of pre-enforcement and enforcement proceedings.

Recovery of debts with the Law Office includes:

  • professionalism
  • the ability to obtain debt without a necessity of court trial – recovery of debts in the first step always takes place in an amicable way, and court proceedings are initiated only when these measures do not bring the expected results
  • individual approach – our offer reflects the needs of each client
  • wide area of operation – Poznan and the territory of Poland