Joanna Surma Law Office offers comprehensive legal services in all matters relating to labour law, which are addressed both to business entities and people performing work under an employment relationship or other forms of employment (i.e. civil law contracts). The legal support of the Law Office covers matters related to the individual labour law as well as collective labour law.

The Law Office provides legal assistance in preparing documentation relating to employment which is obligatory according to labour law (work regulations, remuneration regulations, etc.), as well as in drafting other internal regulations (e.g. the rules for using company cars). We also advise in terms of the most convenient forms of employment, depending on the particular circumstances.

The Law Office also represents its clients in court disputes regarding the employment before common courts of law throughout the country.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • drafting contracts and documentation relating to employment (notices, agreements, work regulations, remuneration regulations, rules of social benefits)
  • comprehensive legal advice on matters related to the employment relationship
  • representation during the process of negotiations with employees, employee councils, trade unions
  • preparation of non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements during or after termination of employment
  • preparation of documentation related to financial liability of employees for the property of the employer
  • preparation of documents related to the redundancies in the workplace
  • representation before courts in all matters relating to employment